Thursday, February 12, 2009

Links for Snow and Water Conditions

For a NOBO hiker starting in late April / early May, it is important to be aware of snow conditions in the mountains of southern and central California, and of water availability along the first 700 miles of the PCT up to Kennedy Meadows. There are also significant waterless stretches in northern California and Oregon, but these have no seasonal water sources to check up on. Here I post links to places where one can find out about those conditions.


Southern California

San Jacinto Mts. 
San Bernardino Mts.
San Gabriel Mts. 
Sierra Nevada
  • Superb chart at In the column on the right you can also select specific stations in the Sierra Nevada and find out about current temps and snow. 
Western U.S. mountains
  • Up-to-date maps showing snowpack levels as percentages of normal for the mountains of the western United States. 
Entire U.S. 
  • Water reports for sections A-G. All the info I think I'll need to know. Shows date of last update for each water source. 
  • Up-to-date water info for sections E-G is available at Agua Dulce at the home of the Saufleys, who house and take care of all thru-hikers free of charge. 
  • Up-to-date water information will be shared with hikers at ADZPCTKO.

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