Monday, April 13, 2009

PCT Itinerary

I've decided that I need all basic information about my route and itinerary on one sheet. Here are the reasons:

  1. I will need to think about post office hours in advance when planning out my next few days of hiking. Some are open just a few yours each weekday. Same with public libraries and Internet
  2. With my budgeting strategy, I need to plan my movements so that I can get into towns early, do my business, fill up on food, and leave later that same day. 
  3. Major stream fords and high passes in the Sierra Nevada are most safely crossed at certain times of day, rather than whenever I happen to get to them. 
  4. I will be meeting some friends and relatives along the way and need to have a strategy for reaching our meetingplace.
  5. This sheet will help me track my progress and make sure I order food on time to be delivered to trailside towns. 

Here is the result. This is only tentative. Note that I've left some columns empty to record my actual itinerary (as opposed to planned). I plan to carry this sheet around with me in a sealed bag. 

Please write a comment if you have any questions about the itinerary. Feel free to adapt it for your own PCT thru-hike. 

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  1. Rick,

    Thanks for the updates and congrats again to you and Kim! We hope you are doing well.

    Aaron W.